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Way back in 1996, Dennis Brock, the founder of Steamrollers, began a mission. Having recently moved from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada, one thing became readily apparent about his new home - an utter and total lack of BURRITOS! Having lived for so long near the birthplace of the burrito - the Mission District of San Francisco - burritos had become somewhat of a staple in Dennis' diet. Alas, once in Vancouver, Dennis searched high and low for his favorite food. Soon it became apparent that his biggest fear was a reality! Vancouver was entirely devoid of burritos!

Since commuting daily between Vancouver and San Francisco was out of the question (although seriously considered) the answer was obvious - Dennis would have to make his own burritos! And surely he wasn't the only person in the whole city to be faced with this gastronomic conundrum. Dennis unselfishly decided he would not merely make burritos for himself - he would make them for the masses!

Thus the planning began for the restaurant which was to become Steamrollers. "But surely you can't expect the hip, active west-coast lifestyle to buy into just another greasy fast food place!" Dennis' friends told him. Dennis began to think they were right. Consumers were beginning to shun away from the traditional burger joint and other fast food chains with their processed fried food. He knew what he would do - he would IMPROVE the burrito!

Through an ingenious combination of necessity and luck, a unique idea was born. Dennis would STEAM all the food, with ingredients made fresh every day. And then he would ROLL his burritos up, made to order. And it could all be done while remaining faithful to his passion - the authentic burrito! STEAMROLLERS WAS BORN!

Soon, the first Steamrollers Restaurant opened in the historic Yaletown district of Vancouver. Dennis was now able to dine on his favorite burrito, at least once daily. But something else was happening too - people from far and wide were flocking to Steamrollers. Dennis could hardly roll the burritos fast enough! Customers from everywhere were asking him to open a Steamrollers near them!

Dennis worked hard to perfect his recipes, the systems and the entire Steamrollers experience. By 2000, he was ready. Steamrollers was ready. With a new group of investors, Steamrollers embarked on developing a system of quick service restaurants that will revolutionize fast food!

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